Stopmotion101 Studios
New Logo
YouTube Channel 101stopmotion
Established Early 2010
Founder Endpoint
Owner Endpoint
Notable Films Moon Wars (Film Series), The Dark Knight: Knightfall, Blind Justice

Stopmotion101 Studios is a filmmaking company founded by Endpoint. It is most known for the Moon Wars series of movies and for War for ROBLOXia. The company has a YouTube channel which has gained almost 200,000 views. It was originally co-owned by Mikki, Lenopow and RainbowChew. EpitomeofInfamy currently acts as a group-holder for the company.



Phase 1 (2010-2011)

Phase 2 (2011-2014)

Phase 3 (2015-Early 2016)

Phase 4 (2016-2017)


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