Star Wars: The New Wars
No Poster
Director Party4life9034
Main Actors N/A
Series Run July/August
Seasons 6 (planned)
No. of Shows 90+ (planned)
Genre Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank EC
Star Wars: The New Wars is an upcoming 2017 series created by Party4life9034.


Season 1 - A very powerful Dark Lord called "The Mastermind" resides in someone in the order, to manipulate others and put galaxy in crisis.

Season 2 - After Darth Kentai's defeat, Nick Urizaki decides to put his mind into becoming a Jedi Knight.

Season 3 - The Mandalorian war has started on Mandalore, and Nick Urizaki, Takkai Lesoro, Yuri Manizako, Akiza Regimaz and Jedi Battlemaster Isuma Kentai help the freedom fighters on taking back Mandalore from the Opposition Republic.

Season 4 - Nick decides to experiment with the Dark Side, leaving the Mastermind in side of him, he can not take over or ruin Nick's life, but it can alter him slowly.

Season 5 - Nick,Takkai and Yuri Manizako secretly go on a major mission as Sentinel,Consular and Guardian to stop Darth Solar and Darth Lunar from colliding force crescents to take control of one of the most dangerous Battle Droid squadrons in the Galaxy.

Season 6 - Nick,Takkai and Yuri temporarily leave the order to explore their hidden force energy inside of them. But Akiza hunts them down to take them back to the Jedi Order.

Season 7 - Nick,Takkai and Yuri become Grey Jedi and go around the Galaxy fighting Battle Droids and trying to escape Akiza and the Jedi Order.

Season 8 - A mysterious force god is collecting force energy from Jedi and Sith slowly to be reborn and destroy the galaxy. However, the Jedi Order seem to ignore that and hunt down, while Akiza becoming the Jedi Master of the order still trying to arrest the three grey Jedi.






6 Seasons are confirmed.




Star Wars- The New Wars teaser10:00

Star Wars- The New Wars teaser

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