Squad 41 Origins: Voxen is an 2017 short film made entirely in ROBLOX Studio by Jackiepwners. It serves as the 3rd installment in the Squad 41 Origins short film series.

Squad 41 Origins: Voxen
Release Date April 17, 2017
Director Jackiepwners
Film Company Jackie Studios
Running Time 8 minutes, 8 seconds
Main Actors N/A
Genre Action
Movie Rating Rank M


A year before the Golden Blaze's rise, Phantom Guardian and Voxen work together to uncover a branch of gang associates wanted by police.


After releasing Squad 41 Origins: Magma Flight, Jackiepwners had already had another script for another short film titled 'Voxen'. It is expected to be released in April. It was released on April 17, 2017.




Main Cast
Actor Role
N/A The Golden Blaze
N/A Phantom Guardian
N/A Angel Brothers #1 / 2
N/A Kuso Brothers #1 / 2
N/A Carl


  • The name 'Voxen' is made up by Jackiepwners, but coincidentially Vox also means in literal latin, 'The Voice Of The People'.



Squad 41 Origins- Voxen -2017 Short Film-08:09

Squad 41 Origins- Voxen -2017 Short Film-

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