Spirit of the Season: The Zilex1000 Holiday Film
Release Date
December 20th, 2014
Directed By
Written By
Zilex1000 Productions
Mystery Thriller, Holiday.

Spirit of the Season: The Zilex1000 Holiday Film is the seventh short film released by director Zilex1000. The short was released on December 20th, 2014 by Zilex1000 Productions with sponsorship from the Neo-Avant Institution.


Whilst awaiting alone in her home on Christmas Eve in 1964, a young married woman senses a strange, unfamilar presence in the house and begins to suspect someone has come to kill her. 


After a revelation by director CosimoValuta revealed that there were a severe lack of Christmas orientated ROBLOXiwood productions, Zilex1000 decided to take up the task of creating a Christmas short. Opting for an unconventional black-comedy method, the short was filmed over the course of two days, with actors Superpenguin55 and Rachelmay1 assisting. The re-introduction of previous characters Nooblet and Blu was a last minute addition, suggested by Rachelmay1. After production was completed, Zilex1000 approached the Neo-Avant Institution with an request for sponsorship. CosimoValuta accepted the offer and the Neo-Avant Instituion became an official sponsor of Spirit of the Season: The Zilex1000 Holiday Film. On the 20th of December at 6PM after the premiere gathering, the film debuted to positive reviews.


The short was mostly received positively on its release.



This was a wonderful, heartwarming short, with beyond incredible shots. I enjoyed every turn the movie took, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone I know. 10/10! Moses747
If I could do a full review I would, but what would I say? This short speaks for itself! It's pure genius and heart-warming... in it's own way, and that ending had my sides cramping. The only problem I have is that the subtitles come and go too quickly- but other than that; a round of applause to everyone involved with this short, and Merry Christmas! 9.5/10 Rick120
Although the film was great in writing, cinematography, acting, sets, etc., the text went by too quickly and I had to repeatedly pause just to read one word. Other than that the film was excellent. 9/10 BATMAN21005
Great short, however I did not find it heartwarming. I find it a bit ridiculous how he tried to kill her and then they just watch a film together, other then that it was great. Keep up the good work Zilex. 7/10 coollegodude1



Name Role
Rachelmay1 Lindsey
Superpenguin55 Jack
Bobby45602 Kallan
TrueHonesty  Jasmine


  • In the shot of the Christmas tree, you can see the green screen on the television set. 
  • The film features characters from previous shorts by Zilex, including Nooblet, and features exclusive sneak-peek footage from Shattered Silence: Murder On The 13th Floor.

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