Spider-Man: Returns
Spider-ManReturns (1)
Official Poster.
Release Date May 2018
Director TroyEast
Film Company Bemo Productions
Running Time 60-100 mins. (est.)
Main Actors N/A
Genre Action, Drama, Superhero, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Spider-Man: Returns is a upcoming superhero movie written and directed by TroyEast. It's estimated to come out around May of 2018.


After all these years, seems as if Peter Parker's life has changed for the better. He's buying a house with Mary Jane, he's getting twice the money then he was at the Daily Bugle, he's graduating from college soon, and he finally resolved his relationship with the love of his life Mary Jane. However, Dr. Connors, a gifted surgeon and Peter's former professor, attempts to regrow his arm using an experimental reptilian limb regeneration process. He succeeds, however this turns Connors into The Lizard. Now it's up to Spider-Man now to prevent his former professor from destroying the city.


According to news from TroyEast, production on the film will begin on July 27, 2017.






  • This will be TroyEast first feature.
  • The story is inspired by the cancelled Spider-Man 3 sequel.
  • There's a reference to The Avengers & Thanos.
  • This film will most likely have voice acting.
  • The opening scene is a montage of Spider-Man taking down d & c+ Supervillians
  • Originally the film was going to be called Spider-Man: Legacy

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