Sliver Wolf: Dark Justice
Release Date 2017
Director Wolfiex and Godsavenger
Film Company DarkWolfStudios™
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Action,Adventure,Drama
Movie Rating Rank I-16

Sliver Wolf: Dark Justice is an upcoming 2017 film directed by Wolfiex and Godsavenger.


A man named Alex C. had troubles providing for his family. Later on with the help of weapon expert, William, he becomes a hitman to help deal with his financial struggles. The next day he found his family laying dead on the ground. As he rages and kills for vengeance to find the people that killed his wife and daughter, he becomes an unexpected hero along the way. The group he encounters end up changing the way he view things for ever and end up ending the people he cares the most about.


Wolfiex is currently writing the story with the help of Godsavanger and developing the characters. Production for the film is currently on hold.





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