Six Shooter
No Poster
Release Date 2016
Director AmblarTheCorn
Film Company eyecandy
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Action, Comedy
Movie Rating Rank UC

Six Shooter is the upcoming first film for directing AmblarTheCorn. It has a planned release date of somewhere between mid-late 2016.


A young boy and his band of friends set out after an infamous outlaw going by the name of Six Shooter.


Script writing for the film began on January 7, 2016. Prior to this, many character concepts and thin plot possibilities have been considered and are currently being pieced together.


Actor Role
N/A Six Shooter
N/A Ransen "Rusty" Dalton
N/A Clarence Pepper
N/A "Grrr"
N/A Sheriff's Deputy
N/A Sheriff Vardas
N/A Bennett Kennelly
N/A Hank

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