Shattered Silence (Film Series)
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Release Date November 10, 2012 - TBA
Director Zilex1000
Film Company Zilex1000 Productions
Running Time 26:57 (Fall From Grace)

2:38 (Nancy's Memories)

Main Actors Rachelmay1, Superpenguin55, Bobby45602, Zilex1000, AlmightyNoob
Genre Drama, Suspense, Classic
Movie Rating Rank

Shattered Silence was a film series directed by Zilex1000, and distributed by Zilex1000 Productions. The series included:

Each film follows Detectives Luis Clark and Nancy Thompson as they attempt to solve mysteries together. The first film, Fall From Grace, was released on November 10, 2012. A short that shows the aftermath of the first film, Nancy's Memories, was released on January 8, 2014. The second film, Murder on the 13th Floor, which was planned for a 2015 release, was cancelled after Zilex100's departure from the community.


Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace

Main article: Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace

The first film in the series, directed by Zilex1000, Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace, was uploaded on November 10, 2012. The film followed acclaimed detective Luis Clark as he joins forces with Nancy Thompson to solve the mystery of her friend's murder.

The film according to the director was influenced by Sir Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. 

Nancy's Memories

Main article: Nancy's Memories

A short that shows how Nancy is coping with the events of the first film, Nancy's Memories, was released on January 8, 2014.

Shattered Silence: Murder On The 13th Floor

The second film in the series Shattered Silence: Murder On The 13th Floor, was cancelled after the director's retirement. The film was planned to follow Luis and Nancy as they head to London for a gala, but then become entangled in a mystery involving the thirteenth floor.

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