ShaneEyoho Productions
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YouTube Channel 365ShaneEyoho
Established 2013
Founder 365ShaneEyoho
Owner 365ShaneEyoho
Notable Films Unknown

ShaneEyoho Productions is a Roblox Film Company that started out in Summer 2014 with the first film series The Shane Adventures.


The Shane Adventures (2013-2014)

The Shane Adventures was a series that started on the 18th August 2014 and was released every 3 Days, Series One consisted of Six Episodes but during Series Two the BBC claimed that some of the stuff was theres which, after watching through it all, it wasnt but the BBC threatened to terminate the 365ShaneEyoho Channel this causing 365ShaneEyoho to delete all Series 1 Shane Adventures episodes on the channel but kept One Episode which was Series Two, Episode One which was called The Reactor and this so far has been ShaneEyoho Productions only released film series at this moment in time

New Schedule

On the 11th July 2015, ShaneEyoho Productions decided to change the film schedule to the one below


Year Title Production studio(s) Notes
2013 The Shane Adventures (Series One) ShaneEyoho Productions Lost
2014 The Shane Adventures: The Reactor ShaneEyoho Productions Released
2014 The Shane Adventures (Series Two) ShaneEyoho Productions Lost
2015 Doctor Who: The Regeneration ShaneEyoho Productions Released

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