Director Brisingric
Main Actors Unknown
Series Run April 3, 2015 - ?
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 11 (1 released)
Genre Mystery, Drama
Movie Rating Rank M
Shadows is a 2015 series written and directed by Brisingric. A prologue was released on April 3, 2015, and the first full episode is planned for release sometime in April.


Five students investigate their classmate's alleged suicide when details don't add up, and at the same time, a new family in town starts to act suspicious enough to warrant a investigation into their matters.


Ollie was inspired by several different shows, including Broadchurch, Criminal Minds and Bates Motel. He decided to create his own series as a result, and began working on a short prologue to the series. He released the Prolouge on April 3rd, 2015.

On May 29th, Ollie (now Brisingric) decided to put the series on hold until Hello was completed, but he later cancelled the series.




Season 1

Episode Title Description Release
0 (Prologue) Numb Alyssa Morgan commits suicide, and some ramifications throughout the community are shown. April 3, 2015
1 Untitled As Jake gathers friends to investigate Alyssa's death, a new family in town is stirring up trouble, and a horrifying discovery is made in the series premiere. Cancelled


  • Each episode's opening has an extended shot from the episode. The shot foreshadows something that will happen in a future episode.
  • The police station used in the prologue (and subsequent episodes) was originally from Criminal.

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