Shadowed: Beyond
Shadowed Beyond Film Cover
Director BishopRemedy
Main Actors skatedude2143, juIiettt, Owen_YT
Series Run 2016 - 2017
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 12
Genre Action/Adventure
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Shadowed: Beyond is an upcoming 2016 action adventure series, directed by BishopRemedy, and co-directed by solticex. The series is being produced by Unique Era Films.


Three graduate warriors are sent on an expedition to offer diplomacy with a neighboring clan. After their offer is declined, they find a wounded man, extending their mission to something bigger than it should've been.


Production for Shadowed: Beyond started on March 1st, 2016. The series is being produced mostly in ROBLOX Studio. It's still under production. It is being written by BishopRemedy and solticex.


Actor Role
skatedude2143 Osa Buhari
juIiettt Kito Aguda
Owen_YT Agu Igwe
TBA Karina Horvath
Tr_ppy Bishop Yeboah
TBA Duma Madaki
BobbyYeet Bakari Okafor
BishopRemedy Shetani Okafor
TBA Yuri Kaminski






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