Join Date
April 24th 2010
Years Active
2010 - Present
YouTube Channel
Studio Affiliation
Infamous Studios
Notable Works
If Shedletsky got Fired
Preferred Genres

ShadowNinja1080 is a ROBLOX filmmaker who is mostly known for his videos If Shedletsky got Fired and Supernoob. He retired due to autistic fans.


ShadowNinja1080 first joined ROBLOX on April 24, 2010 on his first account called Greatsunny, however after a series of getting locked out of accounts, Shadow left Roblox until April 2012 when he made a new account called ShadowNinja1080. On April 2012, he made a YT account, and already started working on the video.

On June 2012, he made his first movie. He continued making these videos until October 2013. Upon making another YouTube account called MrShadowFilmz, Shadow released his first video Daily Life of a Tree. He got Sony Vegas, while he was editing How Dignity stole Christmas. He made another video called If Shedletsky got Fired, which has reached about 20K views. After that, he started making a Bloxy entry called Supernoob.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Daily Life of a Tree 2013 ShadowNinja1080 Film Completed
Gift Scam 2013 ShadowNinja1080 Short Completed
How Dignity Stole Christmas 2013 ShadowNinja1080 Film Completed
If Shedletsky Got Fired 2014 ShadowNinja1080 Film Completed
Supernoob 2014 ShadowNinja1080 Film Completed
Wrath of the Noob 2014 ShadowNinja1080 Film Completed
Sword Challenge 2014 ShadowNinja1080 Film Cancelled
Supernoob Returns 2014 ShadowNinja1080 Film Cancelled