Rouge movie Poster
Official Rogue movie poster
Release Date N/A
Director Supergoko98
Film Company Psypro Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Juzzy4, Twister956
Genre Crime, Action
Movie Rating Rank EC

Rogue is an cancelled film directed by Supergoko98.


The father and brother of a young man are killed by a robber, who then becomes framed for a crime. He is subsequently hunted down by a police officer by the name of Taylor, who happens to be the cousin of the robber.


Writing for Rogue commenced on September 16, 2014, and was completed on the 11th of October. Production of the film immediately followed the completion of the script. The footage was lost during July 2015, but was later found in October 2015. The film is currently cancelled, but the footage of the film has been released.


Name Role
Juzzy4 Jason Flake
Twister956 Mia Flake




Rogue 2015 Cancelled film10:52

Rogue 2015 Cancelled film

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