RobloxMarvel Studios
RobloxMarvel Studios
February 16th 2013
Years Active
2013 - 2014
YouTube Channel
Notable Works
Preferred Genres
Super Hero

RobloxMarvel Studios (RM) was a co-production company that specialized in ROBLOX adaptations of Marvel Comics.


After the creation of the Throwback Studios mini-series Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, Popsfootloose949 started developing an encompassing cinematic comic universe around the production which would develop Roblox adaptations of Marvel Comics characters and related media into Robloxiwood films. The project expanded into multiple films and different attached directors helmed to each project. Multiple controversies emerged as the schedule for the films lasted as far as 2018 in some examples. Ultimately, Miles Morales ended before the final episode of the mini-series was released, and The Sensational Spider-Man was hit with dismal reviews that forced its cancellation.

After several confrontations, The Mafia Films seized control of RobloxMarvel Studios and restructed it into a co-production company. MisterThrowback refused to let go of RobloxMarvel ownership and stated that the original RobloxMarvel projects would not be a part of this "new" RobloxMarvel company. A war broke out between the companies for control of RobloxMarvel, but on January 9, negotations worked out that brought the war to an end. Conflict kept unfolding late into 2014 between TMF and Throwback Studios over TMF members who were complaining about Iammister's control over anything Marvel made into Roblox. Attempts to make two separate RobloxMarvel companies failed.

On October 12, the Neo-Avant Institution seized control of all RobloxMarvel projects and made the company a subsidiary of itself. Due to the sheer size of the number of planned and cancelled projects by the previous administrations, NAI completely abolished all film properties and plans from their owners and companies for projects that did not manage to release video media, cleansing their filmography. On December 9th, NAI announced that RobloxMarvel would shut down permanently after the release of The Maggia. However, Don retired before releasing The Maggia leaving the company defunct.

Company Information


  • No continuity between productions.
  • Productions must have a serious tone.
  • No productions may go past a trilogy.
  • Directors must complete their productions with high-quality.
  • All productions must have the RobloxMarvel Studios Introduction and be approved by the leadership.
Owners of RobloxMarvel Studios
Name Position
MisterThrowback, Poppleworks 2013
Iammister 2014
CosimoValuta 2014


Name Year Director Companies Type Status
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man 2012 - 2013 MisterThrowback Throwback Studios Mini-Series Cancelled
The Sensational Spider-Man 2013 Halloweenfan26 Independent Series Cancelled
Deadpool 2013 MisterThrowback Throwback Studios Film Lost
The Men In Black 2013 KrisBush15 ConFilms Film Cancelled
The Maggia N/A N/A The Mafia Films Film Cancelled

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