Director Ternous
Main Actors Ternous, Micky16888
Series Run 2014-2015
Seasons N/A
No. of Shows N/A
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Movie Rating Rank M
RoDawn is a 2013 Adventure Sci-Fi series written and directed by Ternous


The Series follows the crew of a battleship who are attacked by the Alliance, a military organisation who are at war with R.U.S.T (Royal Union of Strathion Terrariums), The ship is attacked by a C3-01 Prototype Torpedo, which can destroy a whole ship with 1 shot, and the crew escape on there lifeboats. 7 days later at sea, the crew discover a Island, which they land on due to lack of food and water, the island is discovered to be a robotic Ice island, powered by deep sea machinery. the crew discover many secrets of there world and must try and escape before the island sinks.


Animation making started on September 5th, when Ternous posted on twitter that Jack Z-A Films would start working on the movie during the break. Filming started on the 23rd of November, and editing on the 7th of December.

Part one was premièred on Christmas day, at Jack Z-A Films Theatre. It was publicly released a day after, on the 26th of December, 2013.


The reception for RoDawn is unclear. The film came under fire after the use of comment bots was proven. The comments have since been all removed.




RoDawn Chapter 1-006:44

RoDawn Chapter 1-0

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