New Revolution Poster
Release Date Winter 2016
Director zPrinceBreezy
Film Company Breezy Studios
Running Time 70-110 minutes
Main Actors xDestinyyyyy, Marwa0106

BrittBritt253, iiCovertCops

Genre War, Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank M

Revolution is an upcoming 2016 action film written and directed by zPrinceBreezy and distributed by Breezy Studios.


When a new terrorist group titled R.I.S.(Revolutionary Imperial Specialists) plans to attack the U.S, President Howard Johnson sends one of the best task forces of the U.S army to fight back. The BMC's(Bristol Military Corporation) main mission is to restore balance to the world. Martin Brown, Alissa Kris, and Chris Sullivan are the main operatives on this new mission, but will they complete their objective, or will the R.I.S break through the U.S forces and accomplish their goal of dominating and colonizing the world into their imperialism?


zPrinceBreezy came up with the idea to make a revolution movie. Revolution was going to be the start of the Breezy Studios Galactic Warriors film, by introducing Martin Browns, war hero in the Galactic Warriors Time line. Filming for the film began on March 12th 2016. A promotional clip was uploaded April 11, 2016. We are still currently filming.




Actor Role
xDestinyyyyy Martin
Marwa0106 Kayla
raspi19lego Nikolai(R.I.S Leader)
BrittBritt253 Alissa
iiCovertCops Chris
Keniel20067 General Krane
WA6 General Wagner


  • This will be Breezy Studios' first subtitled film.
  • The ideas for the battle sequences come from the Call of Duty franchise.


Revolution 2016 Clip 'Genesis'04:26

Revolution 2016 Clip 'Genesis'.

Revolution Clip The ambush05:22

Revolution Clip The ambush

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