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March 1st 2008
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Army of Brothers
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Revenger123 is a retired ROBLOX director, best known for directing REVENGER and the Army of Brothers films. He is the founder and owner of RE Studios.


Revenger123 joined ROBLOX in 2008. In 2010, Revenger released his directoral debut, Army of Brothers, he soon released a sequel to the film and the critically acclaimed, Revenger.

ROBLOX 2012: End of Roblox was his last project before retirement.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Army of Brothers 2010 Revenger123 Film Released
Army of Brothers 2: There Will be Blood 2010 Revenger123 Film Released
REVENGER 2010 Revenger123 Film Released
ROBLOX 2012: End of Roblox 2011 Revenger123 Film Released

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Carlo County Outlaws 2009-2010 DonCurrency, RoYeL & Ultrazz Biker Film Released

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