Release Date N/A
Director DonCurrency, Revenger123
Film Company The Mafia Films, RE Studios
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Revenger123, Halopro21
Genre Superhero
Movie Rating Rank EC
 Revengance is a cancelled 2012 film directed by DonCurrency and Revenger123. The film was to be co-produced between RE Studios and The Mafia Films. It is the sequel to Revenger123's Revenger.


It's been 2 years since HALO was killed off. Now, Revenger123 facing a troubling marriage, difficult economic hardship, and a Local Election faces a new challenge when HALO is brought back to life, stronger than ever, and bent on pure Revenge of his loss. Can Revenger save everyone he loves and himself, or will the final battle of Good and Evil be decided by other people?


On April 1, 2012, DonCurrency and Revenger123 agreed to develop a sequel to the Revenger film, with most of the original cast returning to reprise their original roles. DonCurrency and Revenger123 were to co-direct the film together, with RE Studios and The Mafia Films distributing the film separately. The movie was to be voice-acted and mix in 3D animation. The film was publically announced on May 26.

The plot involved Halo being resurrected back to life by alien technology provided by EJK9000, who was actually an alien bounty hunter hired by Halopro21 in the original film. AA191 is the other last remaining members of Halopro21's posse and he is given a new suit of armor to defeat the Revenger with. EJK9000 is a member of the XoRaxian alien species who plan to take over the Earth, and Revenger123 must defeat the new superpowered version of Halopro21 and also fend off the impending XoRaxian invasion with the help of Pumpkinhead, Alienkiller1638, and Icer.

Principal photography on Revengance was plagued with production difficulties. Actors were continuously disruptive and abused filming tools during the shoots. Ineffective direction by DonCurrency led many actors to walk off filmings and delay the production of the film. After the release of the teaser and theatrical trailers, the film was cancelled in favor of a reboot of the entire Revenger franchise. All of the footage from the production was released shortly afterwards.




Actor Role
Revenger123 Revenger123/Revenger
Superpenguin55 Gutiotyu/Pumpkinhead
Razer7275Rocks Icee13/Icer
Halopro21 Halo
Darkness9000 AA191/Ash
EJK9000 EJK9000
Nguyena Angie
DonCurrency DonCurrency
Ultrazz Special Agent Ultrazz
Knoxer Retired Army Veteran Alienkiller1638
Cena12123 Demon Priest
Telepoke Military General
Zilex1000 Mayor
WOWITsTRAINZ1995 General Comiconor
Penguinman163 Hospital Doctor
AdorableMichi212 News Anchorwoman
KrisBush15 Olympus23
Starfire289 Nascarbrod
Gunmaster707 Atpo32
Coollegodude1 Kinglimerules330
Riku1257 Coolmama50544
Poppie33 Skunkycat
PokeTroll Dragovichblackops 
Meanconnor916  Doggyman 

Awards and Nominations

ROBLOX Film Awards
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2012 Most Anticipated Film Nominated DonCurrency Revengance


  • Icee13 was not a character in the original Revenger film but was a villain in the teaser trailer. He was retconned into being Alienkiller1638's brother and a candidate in the city's mayoral election.
  • Gutiotyu's superhero name was originally Sinister P in the original film but was changed to Pumpkinhead for this film.


Revengance Footage (2012 Film)01:21

Revengance Footage (2012 Film)

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