RX Studios
YouTube Channel RX Studios
Established 2008 - 2016
Founder Ternous
Owner Ternous
Notable Films Planetary Wars, RoDawn, Apocalypse Rising: The Movie, Mastermind

RX Studios (Previously known as Jack Z-A Films) was a British based Film company, It is known for its wide range of genres. It has acclaimed more than 350,000 Views.



Jack Z-A Films was founded in 2008 when Ternous made a YouTube channel. The company was on hiatus until 2011 when Ternous decided to make a film company.

The Roblox Movie

In 2012, Jack Z-A Films released The Roblox Movie, a remake of a ROBLOX promotional video. It received over 25,000 views. It's initial success inspired the team to make more films.


Ternous announced that Jack Z-A Films would start working on RoDawn , a sci-fi series. The first episode was released on December 26, 2013. Reviews were Mixed, with many criticizing it's generic story and the lack of faces.

Discontinuation of RoDawn and closure

In the description of RoDawn chapter one, Ternous stated, "We will not continue to make more RoDawn since I quit Roblox".

Attempted Returns

Ternous tried to make 3 returns in 2014, the first being Apocalypse Rising: The Movie, but was scrapped due to poor support. The Next was Roblox My Story, but was also scrapped because of poor support, Ternous nearly made a return with Roblox: Valkyria, Which had the Support of Many of his Clan members, But was scrapped due to High Budget.

Return and Reopening

Ternous made Ariavus his return project, being Animated by zacy21, Produced by Routess, and is a Clan movie, the series has the support of Front pagers and the trailer is expected to be released in October, With the Editing Team waiting on the Animations. a Trailer was released in late 2014, it received highly positive reviews. 

Reality and Apocalypse Rising: The Film

The Studio released Reality, a Psychological Sci-Fi, and it received positive reviews, this led to an opening in Jack Z-A Films were films such as The Stalker , were new directors came to Jack Z-A Films to debut their films. Ternous released information that Jack Z-A Films would make Apocalypse Rising: The Film, and is seeking Gusmanaks help to sponsor it, it is currently in production and seeks release in time for Bloxy awards 2015.

Collaborating 'with Studios'

Jack Z-A Films began to Collaborate with companies. It is Co-Releasing V for Vendetta: Part One. Films are being produced by Ternous. ZARX Studios became.the official name of the company and now focuses more on Roblox games and clothing.

As of 2016, Ternous had left Roblox and the Studio was shutdown.

Filming crew

Directors and producers

  • Ternous

Screenplay writers

  • Ternous

Set builders

  • Ternous, M088

Actors and actresses

  • Ternous, M088, Compano
  • Zipto1



Title Release Date Director Type
Zombie Apocalypse Remake 2012 Ternous Film
The Roblox Movie 2012 Ternous Film
RoDawn December 26, 2013 Ternous Series


Title Release Date Director Type
Roblox: Valkyria 2014 Ternous Series
RoDawn Series 2014 Ternous Series

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