RMP Film Studios
June 27, 2014
YouTube Channel
RMP Film Studios
Notable Works
Sword In Your Heart
The Lineup
Noob's World

RMP Film Studios is a Robloxiwood film production company owned by armyperson557. 


In 2014, Armyperson557 released a film titled "Sword In Your Heart", under the name Littlelamp Productions. Shortly after the release, the company was renamed to Robloxian Motion Pictures, and worked on a production called "The Lineup".

In 2016, the company was renamed to Robloxian Motion Pictures Studios, but quickly renamed to Robloxian Motion Picture Studios After starting a series called Agent Clyde 005.

The company name was changed yet again after the announcement of a new film, "Runner".

The company was officially renamed to RMP Film Studios.

Company Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Sword In Your Heart  2014 Armyperson557 Film Released
The Lineup 2015 Armyperson557 Film Released
Agent Clyde 005 2015 - N/A Armyperson557 Series In-Production
Noob's World 2015 Armyperson557 Film Released
Sword in Your Heart II 2015 Armyperson557 Film Released
Runner 2016 Armyperson557, xXCloudPandaXx Film Hiatus
Electra N/A xXCloudPandaXx Film In-Production

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