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Prisoner 181: The Final Sentence
Apocolypse Teaser Poster-0
Prisoner 181 - The Final Sentence Poster
The official teaser poster for the film by BishopRemedy
Release Date Summer 2017
Director BishopRemedy
Film Company Ape Pictures
Running Time 93 mins. (est.)
Main Actors BishopRemedy, BobbyYeet
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank

Prisoner 181: The Final Sentence is an upcoming 2017 comedy adventure written by BobbyYeet and BishopRemedy and directed by BishopRemedy. The film is produced by Ape Pictures.


After Prisoner 181’s second attempt of an escape failed, he is once again being sentenced. He is now being accused for committing 9/11. For his punishment, Judge Daddy sends Prisoner 181 off on a death mission. He recruits a team up and together, they will squad up to complete it.


Main Cast



C/G Prisoner 181
C/G God
BishopRemedy Kevin
BobbyYeet Cowboy Samuel
C/G Betty


BobbyYeet General F***


Since the previous Prisoner 181 shorts, there was always a plan to create a final film out of it. This film has been in the works since December 2016. The script was finished on February 2017.



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