Release Date July 31, 2014
Creator CosimoValuta
YouTube Channel N/A
Main Actors KingJonas42, OriginalLSummerS
Genre Psychological Thriller
Movie Rating Rank EC

Premonition is a 2014 short directed by CosimoValuta and distributed by the Neo-Avant Institution. It is the first production released by NAI.


A man who has a dream where he is in a car crash. As he awakens the next day, he feels paranoid about an impending doom that awaits him. If dreams are our conscience trying to tell us something, then what can it tell us about our future?


After the creation of the NAI, CosimoValuta developed a series of original short film ideas that could be adapted into a Robloxiwood film. Premonition was selected and scriptwriting began July 23 and finished on July 27. Filming began shortly after, with KingJonas42 cast as the lead for the short, along with OriginalLSummerS. The short was released July 31, 2014.


Name Role
KingJonas42 Jim Hogg
OriginalLSummerS Peggy Hogg
Routess News Anchor
Moses747 Store Clerk
Rick120 Spiderboy9




  • The original title for Premonition was "Anticipation" but was changed after the script was completed.
  • Zilex100 was called in to help expand the length of the short, but was uncredited for his contributions to the story.

Awards and Nominations

The BLOX Awards
Award Awarded to... Results Work
2014 Best Short Nominated CosimoValuta Premonition
Best Trailer Nominated CosimoValuta Premonition Trailer #1


Premonition 201413:45

Premonition 2014

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