Release Date 2017
Director Wolfiex
Film Company DarkWolfStudios
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Science Fiction/Fantasy
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Portal is an upcoming 2017 Science Fiction film written and directed by Wolfiex.


James has lived in the Midwest his whole life and had lots of people that cared for him including his single father, David. Although having a minimum-waged job isn't easy. His rent was overdue causing him to get evicted from his apartment. James and his family soon decide to move in with James's Grandmother in San Diego. The two siblings start their adventure on a boat and escape earth and find their selves out of earth


The film's script is currently being written. The movie's release is expected to be early Winter 2017.




Roles Actors
James N/A
David N/A
Tina N/A
Thea N/A
Prostasia N/A
Polemistis N/A


  • The protagonists in this film all have Greek names.
  • Wolfiex was inspired to make "Portal" after watching a documentary about extraterrestrials.

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