Pops Productions
YouTube Channel Pops F. Loose LIDD
Established 2012
Founder Poppleworks
Owner Unknown
Notable Films Unknown

Pops Productions was a movie company founded by Poppleworks. The company closed when Pops' company merged into Poppleworks Media.


The company was started by Poppleworks in 2012. During the first months of the company, three shorts were released: Dead Call, Holiday, and A Day at Chuck E. Cheese's. CosimoValuta later struck a deal to make the company a subsidiary of The Mafia Films. This would prove to be the downfall of the company, as Pops quit filmmaking and made the company defunct later on due to restrictions on his films and inability to remove his group from TMF control. Poppleworks returned later, but did not restart the company, officially leaving all original plans for the company's future (five films), though two films would eventually try to be rebooted: Urinetown and Wonderland . Instead all film properties were moved into Poppleworks Media along with some properties owned by Appleworks.



Name Director Year Type Status
Batlight Poppleworks 2012 Film Cancelled
Dead Call Poppleworks 2012 Short Released
Holiday Poppleworks 2012 Short Released
Raging Fire Poppleworks 2012 Film Cancelled
A Day at Chuck E. Cheese's Poppleworks 2012 Short Released
Urinetown (Original) Poppleworks N/A Film Cancelled
Wonderland (Original) Poppleworks N/A Film Cancelled