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Poppleworks (formerly Popsfootloose949Copskid949) is a retired American Robloxiwood director, and owner of Poppleworks Media.


Poppleworks joined ROBLOX in 2009 under the name of Copskid949, creating the account popsfootloose949 sometime just before joining the Robloxiwood Forum and changing his name to Poppleworks in 2014. In 2011, Poppleworks began his filmmaking career by working on his first and unfinished film, Back to the Future. When it was discovered that director Austin4ever was working on a slightly different version of the same film, they initially came into conflict, but eventually became good friends and started up Robloxify Studios, beginning production on several unmade/incomplete films, including Camp Zombie and Ghost House. In December 2011, Robloxify Studios was shut down. During this time, Pops also began working with other directors such as Zilex1000 and DonCurrency. He set up his own company, Pops Productions, which became a subsidiary of The Mafia Films. Poppleworks later closed the company due to the tight restrictions of being a subsidiary. In the company's run, Pops produced his first three shorts, Dead Call, Holiday, and A Day at Chuck E. Cheese's Where A Kid Can Be A Kid! Upon shutting down his company, he quit ROBLOXiwood and entrusted his account with appleworks.

Sometime later, Pops returned to his account and officially worked on Poppleworks Media, a joint company made between him and appleworks. Sometime later, Pops, MisterThrowback, and Halloweenfan26 founded the RobloxMarvel Cinematic Universe. Poppleworks was rehired multiple times by TMF as their leading actor, a subsidiary owner, a business partner, and finally a main actor. During this time, multiple pilot episodes were released on Pops's channel for series that were never picked up for more episodes due to almost completely negative reviews.

Pops and HilariousCoolkat decided to work together to produce Hil's play, Survivors. During this time, Poppleworks Media gained three subsidiaries: RyanA17's Flaming Films, MarioDude0123's Nin23 Films, and a branch of Poppleworks Media especially founded for theatrical productions. Hil's play could not find a proper theater, so Pops decided to build the Bowman Theater. Hil eventually backed out of the project. Meanwhile, CosimoValuta cancelled an RDC production that was to be directed by Pops, a film adaptation of the graphic novel, V for Vendetta. After converting it to a theatrical form, Pops planned the film as an upcoming play that was to be premiered in the Moore Theater, named after the writer of the graphic novel before later cancelling and erasing it from his filmography. After accused cyberbullying was committed by CosimoValuta and his most loyal TMF actors towards RyanA17, Pops led an attack on the company due to their unrightful handling of Chilling with RyanA17, a Flaming Films series that was to start production soon. In the end, Pops received a week-long ROBLOXiwood Wiki ban for a flame war related to the controversy and ended up getting 4 other people (along with himself) fired from The Mafia Films for defending RyanA17 and Flaming Films as an independent company. Cos left TMF after Pops and a group of other directors started an uprising, and TEDOG1232 was entrusted with the company. Despite attempts to preserve the films made by the company for future use, Cos made sure to delete them all and close his YouTube channel. Cos also "claimed" all rights to two TMF subisidiaries, RDC and RobloxMarvel under his new company, The Neo-Avant Institution.

Pops was signed on to direct a Wonder Woman film as a part of RobloxDC Studios. He decided to postpone a long-term project, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in order to work on the new film for a 2014 release. This decision was later reverted when RDC slowly lost directors due to conflict with The Neo-Avant Institution, postponing and eventually eliminating not only Wonder Woman, but also the newly-received position as the writer of World's Finest shortly after the leave of director BenIsLegit. When Pops made League his major priority, he decided to make prequels to the film. Multiple shorts and two series were planned, but the idea was ultimately scrapped. Pops also started collaborating with Coollegodude1 to write a Journey to the Center of the Earth-inspired film, although it never made it past idea stages. On October 7, 2014, Poppleworks and CosimoValuta forgave each other, with Pops joining NAI. Pops restarted his acting career in Cosimo's Avenge (Reboot). Various projects were planned in this time with directors Drex112 and RyanA17, but both of them backed out on The Deal and Chilling with RyanA17, respectively.

In early December, Pops decided that the recent death of actor TEDOG1232 (later revealed to be false) and the mood that descended afterwards was too much to continue, as he had been battling his feelings about making films for a long time. He announced that he would quit. After a brief stint of being gone, he returned to reveal a restarting of his projects. Another try at making V for Vendetta was planned in secret, although BATMAN21005 quickly revealed the project in his "Top Ten Least Anticipated Films" list. The film was divided into three parts in the same fashion as its source material. The first part was scheduled for a March 17, 2015 release to match the release date of the real life film. Filming for the project began in early February.

After the leaving of multiple key figures of ROBLOXiwood, the community's morale started to break and production slowed greatly. Pops and other directors led the reformation movement. With Olliekins, Rick120, Littlegreen1, and other directors, new slates of films were announced. To speed releases, Pops announced Flowers for Algernon, based on the novel by Daniel Keyes, Harvey, based on the play by Mary Chase, an official release date for his constantly-delayed Call of Duty miniseries, and a delay on both V for Vendetta and League. Almost simultaneously on April 17, Pops signed on to direct the series Meth Days, later called Smoked Lines, based on AMC's hit show Breaking Bad and written by Assassain25 and Ternous, and Dead of Night, a zombie invasion story based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Maberry and written by Bugativeron111. He also announced possible plans to reboot OZ: The Robloxian Series, which received a pilot episode in 2013 before being discontinued and later inspired a cancelled reboot by Iammmister.

After Assa made a blog post disclosing a large number of spoilers for Smoked Lines in a parent's guide for the show, Pops decided that making it was not worth the trouble since all chance of surprise had been eliminated. He abandoned the project and went on to work mainly with bugativeron111. Over the following months, Poppleworks started to plan a future for his company, as he did not wish to repeat himself by quitting once more should things fall through. Many large projects, such as an entertainment center for the community and a functioning movie backlot, were formed to expand the reach of ROBLOXiwood's popularity. Along with this, he began an attempt to weld together both the roleplaying community and the filmmaking community with an innovative idea. Five ideas for a series would be submitted, one of them becoming a fully-functioning roleplay based on a user vote. With minor edits upon its completion, a series would be made using the roleplay as a basis, while crediting the writers and offering them positions in his company for future projects, should they want to continue. During the project's run, it had two incarnations. The first one, roquinha9's Dark Truth, focused on four children bestowed with magical powers. After complaints of sexist and very limiting character molds caused much debate, the project's creator left. Englandish, now PickachuGirl, who sparked the idea of the second most popular series idea, was then asked to fill in with her own idea, 12 Infinity, the story of twelve heroes from different pieces of reality who must come together to stop an evil threat.

On the same day as the switch of projects, TEDOG1232, Littlegreen1, and Pops made an agreement. TED's cancelled series, The Adventures of Ted and Zander, would be remade. Due to the inactivity of zanderman222, however, Little took his place as the show's second main protagonist and Joey18916 was added on as the third. Pops did not have the time to commit to the show, and it was remade without him.

With the numerous new ideas for shows, Pops needed to organize his works. He founded a new branch of his company, PMB (Poppleworks Media Broadcasting), that specialized in the company's series while the main branch produced films and shorts. In a few days' time, a new schedule was slated. PMB eventually purchased the rights to broadcast episodes of Let's Talk: ROBLOX that were at least a month old. On the side of Poppleworks Media, the schedule was reworked to fit around these series.

During a conversation with bugativeron111, he mentioned a desire to write a film centering on a fictional version of himself in the style of MisterThrowback. Pops also mentioned an idea to make a film encompassing aspects from the history of ROBLOXiwood. In August 2015, Pops and Buga started to work with Ultrazz on Pops and Buga's (and Ultrazz's) ROBLOXiwood Adventure!, a film based on the original version of the Walt Disney World attraction, The Great Movie Ride. V for Vendetta was also expanded into one large film.

In the roleplaying forum, the 12 Infinity thread began to move slowly, as character development had gone on for three months. With this delay, Pops eventually cancelled the project. Pops decided to work on a long-term writing project, an adaptation of the Marvel Comics named The Marvels Project. After talking with BenzBot about it, the series was picked up for whenever it was made. After this, Pops decided to take a two-month break to focus on schoolwork.

Xaviersantiago, a new director to the community, posted a page on the ROBLOXiwood Wiki about Beatles, a film based on the titular band and their story. In need of a director, writer, and producer, Pops stepped in to fulfill all three positions. Upon seeing Xavier's outrageous demands for the film that included a much-too-generous role for his own as Ed Sullivan, Pops left the project after just one day. Entranced by the idea of making a Beatles film, however, he started to write The Long and Winding Road. This project would later cause Xavier to convert his film to focus on The Doors. In this time, Pops began a partnership with director EpitomeOfInfamy, serving as a writer for the early scenes of the superhero film Bananaman. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen finally continued production, as well. After complications in Poppleworks Media with VP BugaMeister, he was laid off and replaced with coollegodude1.

To accommodate for the large projects on the horizon, even more schedule changes were made. This involved the transfer of Flowers for Algernon and Harvey into a theatrical format, although this did not last for long.

A month later, Pops decided that he would change the entire Poppleworks Media roster of upcoming films. In a public blog post, he announced a new wave of experimental films.

Pops later quit mid-2016, cancelling his adaptation of Tennessee Williams's 1944 play "The Glass Menagerie."

Director Filmography


Name Year Director(s) Type Status
Back to the Future 2011 Poppleworks Film Cancelled

The Cops and Pops Show (S1:E1-5)

2011 Poppleworks Series


Storm Chasers of ROBLOXia (S1:E1) 2011 Poppleworks Series Lost
Batlight 2012 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
When Death Calls (Dead Call test footage) 2012 Poppleworks Short Lost
Dead Call 2012 Poppleworks Short Released
Holiday 2012 Poppleworks Short Released
Raging Fire 2012 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
Wonderland 2013 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
ROBLOXiwood's Death 2013 Poppleworks Short Released
OZ: The ROBLOXian Series (S1:E1) 2013 Poppleworks Series Released
A Day at Chuck E. Cheese's: Where a Kid Can Be a Kid! 2013 Poppleworks Short Released
Meet the ROBLOXians (S1:E1) 2013 Poppleworks Series Released
Tales of Suspense (S1:E1) 2013 Poppleworks Series Released
Les Misérables 2013 Poppleworks and MTV78 Film Cancelled
The Deal 2014 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
Chilling with RyanA17 2014 Poppleworks and RyanA17 Series Cancelled
Wonder Woman 2015 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
The Glass Menagerie 2016 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
Dead of Night 2016 Poppleworks and BugaMeister Series Cancelled


Name Year Director(s) Type Location Status
Criminals 2015 Popsfootloose949, HilariousCoolkat Play The Bowman Theatre Cancelled

Producer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
The Knight 2013 MisterThrowback Film Lost
Chilling with RyanA17 2014 Poppleworks and RyanA17 Series Cancelled
Survivors Unknown HilariousCoolkat Theatrical Play Cancelled

Writer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Rank Status
Captain America: The First Avenger 2013 LegendarySuperhero98 Film Co-Writer Cancelled
PayDay For You and Me 2014 CosimoValuta Film Co-Writer Released
World's Finest 2014 Unknown Film Main Writer Cancelled

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
The Cops and Pops Show (S1:E1-5) 2011 Poppleworks Series Himself Lost
Storm Chasers of ROBLOXia (S1:E1) 2011 Poppleworks Series Storm Chaser Lost
Austin & Jacob 2011 austin4ever Series Jacob Cancelled
Married to a Murderer 2012 Zilex1000 Short Unknown Lost
Ghost House (Parts I and II) 2012 austin5ever Film Austin Lost
Ghost House (Part III) 2012 austin5ever Film Austin Cancelled
Dead Call 2012 Poppleworks Short Josh Released
The Rohemian Club 2012 DonCurrency Film IZ Ammunitions Clerk, Admin Lost
Holiday 2012 Poppleworks Short Backup Actor, Truck Driver Released
Shattered Silence (Original) 2012 Zilex1000 Film Unknown Lost
The Noob Diaries (S1:E1) 2012 Firedmissle234 Series Noob Lost
Tales From The House (S1:E1) 2012 Zilex1000 Series Lucy Released
Avenge 2012 Brisingric Short S.W.A.T. Team Member Lost
ROBLOX's Dark Ages 2012 Brisingric Film Jim Cancelled
Maximum Ride 2012 uluvme123 Film Iggy Cancelled
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man 2012-2013 MisterThrowback Series Johnny Storm, Judge, Nick Fury Lost
Mike Hike VII: Darkness Rises 2013 ThecapcomFreak Film Garret Lost
Wonderland 2013 Poppleworks Film Alice, The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Caterpillar, Ladybug, Hugo, Hattie Madeleine, Old Hatter Cancelled
Urinetown 2013 Poppleworks Film Officer Lockstock Cancelled
The ROBLOX 5 2013 Superpenguin55 Film Banland Officer, Lord 1x1x1x1 Cancelled
Vortex Security: Evolution 2013 KrisBush15 Film Lule Morris Lost
Video Game World 2013 Retaunt28 Series Bowser Cancelled
The Game 2013 Retaunt28 Series Bowser Cancelled
The Revolver Trilogy 2013 Brisingric Film Series Unknown Cancelled
Rescind III: Armageddon 2013 ThecapcomFreak Film Extra Lost
Western Infection 2013 MisterThrowback Film Bartender Lost
Les Misérables 2013 MTV78 and Poppleworks Film Javert, Javert (voice), Marius (voice) Cancelled
Meet the ROBLOXians (S1:E1)  2013 Poppleworks Series Himself Released
The Story of The House 2013 CosimoValuta Film Mark, Ticket Booth Operator, Trailer Girl #1, Mafia Member, Russian Scientist Released
Currency 2013 Rick120 Film CosimoValuta (miscredited; not in film) Released
The Heist 2013 CosimoValuta Film Ghost Released
Through Frosted Glass (original footage) 2013 Zilex1000 Film Extra Cancelled
Dimension Warriors 2013 Stinky66 Series Demon King Cancelled
Dead Alive: Reboot 2013 MisterThrowback Film Timothy Watkins Cancelled
MisterMeap (Series) 2013 MisterThrowback and Agentmeap Series Various Released
Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm 2013 Rick120 Film Unknown Released
The Masked Fighter (S2:E1,8) 2013-present Stinky66/Routess Series Eyeball Guard, Clair, Scythe, Lord Ochre Released
This is MisterMeap's End 2013 MisterThrowback/Iammister and Agentmeap Film Himself Cancelled
Cthulhu 2013 ThecapcomFreak Film Cthulhu Worshipper Lost
The Knight 2014 MisterThrowback/Iammister Film F.E.A.R. Member Cancelled
Bandon Bush 2014 KrisBush15 Film Bandon Bush, Extra Lost
Angel of Life 2014 Routess Film David Released
Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre 2014 MTV78 Short Male Worker, Chicken, Female Worker #1 Lost
Call of Duty: Yuri's Origin 2014 AmericanWarshipsFilm Short Yuri Cancelled
Criminal 2014 CosimoValuta Film Officer KLR Released
Jaded 2014 Routess Short Mr. Robinson Cancelled
The Green Lantern 2014 AGavent Film Sinestro Cancelled
Avenge (Reboot), or Assortments (S1:E1) 2014 CosimoValuta Short Extra Released
Showdown (S1:E1) 2014 Routess Series Shirosama Released
The Closet 2015 Coollegodude1 Short Marcus (miscredited) Released
Let's Talk: Roblox (Series) 2015 Littlegreen1 and TEDOG1232 Talk Show Himself Released
Free Fall 2015 Ultrazz Film Reporter 2 Cancelled

Awards and Nominations

The 2013 Golden Noob Awards
Award Film Awarded to... Results Work
Best Actor in a Leading Role (Drama) The Heist popsfootloose949 as Ghost Nominated The Heist
Actor of the Year The Heist popsfootloose949 as Ghost Nominated The Heist

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