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September 6th 2010
Years Active
2010 - 2012
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Ball of Fire Studios
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Project Pootis
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Playsportsergent is a ROBLOX film director/actor. He has acted for ThecapcomFreak, Brisingric, Zilex1000 and Moaf, in both ROBLOX acting and voice acting. He had his own company, Ball of Fire Studios, where he made both Roblox and Minecraft machinimas. Playsportsergent retired in 2012.

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
Mike Hike 2009-2013 ThecapcomFreak N/A Film Series Lost
Rescind 2012 ThecapcomFreak N/A Film Released
The Stalker (Part One) 2012 Brisingric Alex Holmes Film Lost
Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace 2012 Zilex1000 Landon Film Released
Iron Core N/A Playsportsergent N/A Series Lost
Project Pootis N/A Playsportsergent N/A N/A Lost

Films Directed

Name Director Type Status
Dimensions Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Iron Core (S1-3) Playsportsergent Series Lost
The Silence Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Slender's Return Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Slender Rebooted Playsportsergent N/A Lost
The Drive Thru Mc'ROnalds Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Project Pootis Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Pokeblox Adventures Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Pokeblox Adventures 2 Playsportsergent N/A Lost
Project Pootis: Return of the Poot Playsportsergent N/A N/A


  • Playsportsergent has made a Podcast on iTunes that was made from 2010-2011 about all things ROBLOX with a partner in his studio named Combatrockstar. The podcast reached 50 episodes before they stopped.

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