Join Date
October 26th 2008
Years Active
2008 - 2013
YouTube Channel
Notable Works
How to Drive a Car
Preferred Genres

Penguinman653 (formerly Boy23) was a ROBLOXiwood director and actor. He retired in 2013.


Penguinman653 first joined ROBLOX in 2008 as Boy23. In 2012, Penguin started his career with his first short film How to Drive a Car. He continued to make short films until in 2013 when Penguin retired from ROBLOXiwood.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
How to Drive a Car 2012 Penguinman653 Short Released
The Rocket Jump 2012 Penguinman653 Short Released
Just a Random Explosion 2012 Penguinman653 Short Released
Late Christmas Special 2012 Penguinman653 Short Released

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Destruct Fire 2012 Brisingric Film Jack Reynolds, Rick Darren Released
Holiday 2012 Poppleworks Film Killer Released
Avenge 2012 Brisingric Short N/A Lost
Vortex Security: Mission London 2013 LordCrossfire82 Film N/A Lost

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