Release Date December 23, 2013
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time 17:25
Main Actors ThecapcomFreak, Hyperman400, and Ahache123
Genre Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank M

Penance is a 2013 adventure action film directed, written and produced by ThecapcomFreak. The film would have told the story of four hitmen, hired to kill the leader of UCR. The film was going to be released in August, but Capcom accidentally removed most of the footage while deleting other older footage.

He had decided to mark it as cancelled, due to the footage being gone, but in late November, Capcom found the footage that was missing and decided he would release it to the public.


Joshua arrives at a meeting place he and an anonymous source agreed to meet to make a deal, when he arrives he learns he will not be working on this deal alone.

Production History


The film began filming in late July and finished some point in early August.

Loss of Footage

Capcom had changed the name of the recordings for the film since it was being mixed up with Rescind footage and when he went to delete some old footage, he deleted almost the entire film, save for the opening scene and the ending. He decided that he would not re-film and would upload the opening and the ending.

Footage Found

In late November 2013, Capcom found the footage to the film by a stroke of luck, and decided he would re-edit it and release it to the public. The film was released December 23, 2013 mostly completed.


This list is in-complete.

Other cast members (including extras) were:


  • ThecapcomFreak considers this his worst film he's directed.

Main Characters

Cast of Characters
Name Basic Description
Joshua Joshua is a seemingly light hearted and fun oriented hitman, and could be considered the leader.
Samantha Samantha is a quiet and cold hit(wo)man, wielding a Katana.
Edan A cowardly and naive hitman that wields a sniper rifle.
Vincent A sexist and very selfish hitman, he hates the entire team.
General Dizz Dazz The leader of UCR and the target. The antagonist.

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