No Poster
Release Date Late 2017/Early 2018
Director AGavent
Film Company Overtime Studios, Meister Media
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Action
Movie Rating Rank UC
Paradox is a 2017/2018 action film written and directed by AGavent.

BugaMeister is currently signed on as a writer and producer of the film, as well as Madformerspro as the designer of some of the props.




Paradox started as a concept created by AGavent, then pitched to close friend and ROBLOXiwood producer BugaMeister. He accepted the offer to produce the film under his Meister Media banner. The same day, Madformerspro signed on as the concept artist for the main props in the film, due to AGavent having worries some aspects of the film would look too similar to Mad's film Alicion. The film was formally announced on June 5, 2017, with more info planned to be released at RTNG MedisCon 2017.


  • This is AGavent and BugaMeister's first official collaboration on a ROBLOXiwood project
  • This will act as AGavent's directorial debut, following the sale of JERK Studios (the producers of Carlo County Outlaws) to BenzBot in March 2017.
  • This is also Overtime Studios' debut ROBLOXiwood project.



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