Join Date Unknown
Years Active 2011 - 2015
Nationality Unknown
Company Affiliation(s) Rick Roll'd Productions, Route 66 Productions
Notable Films Vortex Security: Game of Guns

Panthermaster47 is a retired actor of the Robloxiwood community. Mainly working with Rick120 in Rick Roll'd Productions in a variety of films, such as Vortex Security: Game of Guns, ShadowJazz's Destruction of VAK, and Endgame.


Panther first started out watching Vortex Security: War of the Raiders by Rick120. He started out in Nextgen Resistance, one of the armies retired director ShadowJazz owned but sold later on. Then was introduced to Rick120 and became one of his Star Actors.

After introducing Princeofsun2380 to the community in 2014, Rick120 started filming Dream Clouds. The film soon went downhill when Prince got into an argument with Rick about the Dream Clouds poster. The following events and the results of the argument were later recounted in the film Transition. The film explains that Panther and Rick's argument got him fired.

After leaving RRP, he went to Route 66 Productions. He soon got fired from there, as well, for driving a vehicle into Routess' shot.

He went back to Rick Roll'd Productions, after having made up with Rick at Octoberfest 2014, but shortly left to focus on schoolwork. He is now retired and checks in the community every now and then.

After a series of events unraveled between princeofsun2380, TwinkieIGF, and panthermaster47, Panther retired again.

Actor Filmography

Name Year Role Director Status
Vortex Security: War of the Raiders 2011 N/A Rick120 Released
Vortex Security: Game of Guns 2011 N/A Rick120 Released
Destruction of VAK N/A N/A ShadowJazz Lost
Vortex Security: Operation Sky Storm 2013 N/A Rick120 Released
Currency 2013 N/A Rick120 Released
Showdown 2014-2015 Toshiro Routess,ChildOfGiotto Released
Dream Clouds 2015 Takashi Watanabe (Part One) Rick120 Cancelled

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