One Piece
One Piece Series Poster
Logo designed by Tokyodrift7
Director Godsavenger & Firelfreak
Main Actors N/A
Series Run N/A
Seasons N/A
No. of Shows 0
Genre Action & Adventure
Movie Rating Rank UC

One Piece is a series directed by Godsavenger, and co-directed by FirelFreak. It is a remake of the original version that was cancelled by Godsavenger in December 2014.


Zaku D. Kakuro's father left him at the age of 8 to become a pirate. His mother disappeared soon after. He began to train himself with a sword, and with the help with some family and friends, survived to age 14. Zaku now vows to become a pirate better than his father, and sets out on an adventure to reunite with his father. He makes a crew and sets on on the seas to make the world right, reunite with his father and find the legendary treasure: One Piece.


The original 2014 series lasted for two episodes before it was ultimately cancelled. In December 2015, Godsavenger decided to revisit the series, and finished the script on the 19th.




One Piece Trailer -101:18

One Piece Trailer -1

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