Notorious Poster
Release Date N/A
Director Gamemaster116
Film Company Roblox Media Studios
Running Time 60-70 Minutes
Main Actors Cavinator13388

Enderdragon474 Jefferson14

Genre Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank I-16

Notorious is an upcoming action, adventure movie directed by Gamemaster116.


A young man, Lamar Whyte, gets electric powers by a strange artifact called the Ray Sphere. A terrorist group, The Reapers, takes Lamar to weaponize the Ray Sphere to make a gun to destroy the entire human race. Lamar refuses and escapes back to his home city, Emperor City. 


Production for Notorious hasn't started yet.




Actor Role
Cavinator13388 Lamar Whyte/Notorious
Jefferson14 Hadriel Volta/Elektrus
Enderdragon474 Trisha Stone
iiMikeX Frank West
DrZapx Andrew Haak/The Warmonger
Luckykootra Daniel Creed/Dragonshead
Electrokitty64 Lieutenant Hammer
Diamondsteve8 Johan


  • This is the second film for the Roblox Cinematic Universe Phase Two.
  • The name "Johan" is Gamemaster116's real name.
  • Gamemaster116's brother, Cavinator13388, came up with the idea of Hadriel Volta's villain name.

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