Nooblet (2012)
Nooblet New Logo
Director Zilex1000
Main Actors N/A
Series Run 16 April, 2012
Seasons N/A
No. of Shows 1
Genre Comedy, Drama
Movie Rating Rank UC

Nooblet is a 2012 series of shorts created by Zilex1000 and distributed by Zilex1000 Productions


Nooblet just doesn't care. He only wants to get through life without drama, but sadly for Nooblet, drama finds him all too easily. But he's not alone in surviving the drama. He has Blu to help him along the way.


Nooblet, the show's protagonist, first appeared in the short Nooblet: Might is Right directed by Zilex1000. The short was a moderate success, much of the success being attributed to the realism and uniqueness of the central character and it's humorous criticisms of ROBLOX. While the series was supposed to be continued, production slowed and finally came to a stop when the distributor Zilex1000 Productions moved onto the prequel to The House series. 


Nooblet opened to generally positive reception.


Actor Role
Superpenguin55 Nooblet
Rachelmay1 Blu
Kasert Rogue Admin
Harry131291 Footballer/Student

Awards and Nominations

2013 BLOX Awards

Awards Awarded to... Results
Best Series Zilex1000 Tied with Mistermeap

The 2013 Golden Noob Awards

Awards Awarded to... Results
Best Comedic Series Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Actor in a Leading Role Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Actress in a Leading Role Rachelmay1 Won
Best Use of Video Effects Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Use of Cinematography Zilex1000 Won

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