Nominal Scale
Nominal Scale Theatrical Poster
Theatrical Poster by Rick120
Release Date 2017
Director Rick120
Film Company Rick Roll'd Productions
Running Time 85 Minutes
Main Actors JennaWishes Madformerspro, Endpoint, BugaMeister
Genre Supernatural/Thriller
Movie Rating Rank I-16
Nominal Scale is an upcoming 2017 Supernatural Thriller, written and directed by Rick120.

The film is currently in development with BugaMeister attached as producer for the film along with Endpoint serving as executive producer.

The film is due for a planned release in Summer 2017.




Nominal Scale went into pre-production during director Rick120's creative block during production of Injustice. Influenced by multiple sources, he worked on a script- originally titled Blackout before revisions led to an eventual name change.

After releasing Transgression and the first part of Injustice respectively, Rick decided to use his free time to work on the film. On February 3, a teaser trailer was released. Production officially began on February 6, with filming currently under way.




Main Cast
Actor Role
JennaWishes Luna
Cook57 Miyuki
Madformerspro Jack
Endpoint Denzel
BugaMeister Keith
Secondary Cast
Actor Role
BudgieQween Rebecca
jackiepwners Norman
A_Deer Talia


  • Upon release of the first teaser trailer, the film has recieved multiple comparisons to the video game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima.
  • The film will be the first film by Rick120 to utilize the Animation Plugin.


ROBLOX Nominal Scale (2017) Teaser Trailer 1 (HD)03:14

ROBLOX Nominal Scale (2017) Teaser Trailer 1 (HD)

ROBLOX Nominal Scale (2017) Teaser Trailer 2 (HD)02:18

ROBLOX Nominal Scale (2017) Teaser Trailer 2 (HD)

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