Neo-Avant Institution
YouTube Channel UC2qZQlkjuSF-rn-aN_PqcFg
Established July 22, 2014
Founder CosimoValuta
Owner DonValuta
Notable Films The Great Darkness, The Discrepancy

The Neo-Avant Institution (NAI) is a ROBLOXiwood film company.


On July 22, 2014, CosimoValuta created The Neo-Avant Institution, a new company that would specialize in creating dramatic and arthouse movies. The goal was to develop film ideas that had deeper and more serious meanings while being abstract and conceptual if needed. Shortly after its creation, the company released its first short film production Premonition

The Mafia Films was NAI's first official subsidiary, subsequently followed by the acquisition of RobloxDC Studios and RobloxMarvel Studios. On November 21, 2014. NAI officially released its first theatrical film The Great Darkness, co-produced with its subsidiary RobloxDC Studios.

On March 1, 2015, The Neo-Avant Institution released all ownership of RobloxDC Studios and their developing film properties to Littlegreen1. NAI relinquished all claims to RobloxMarvel Studios back to Iammister. On March 27, 2015, The Mafia Films ownership was transferred to The ConFilm Production Corporations. On October 24, 2015, The Neo-Avant Institution announced the development of the new film The Innovation.

Company Information

Name Position
DonValuta President
TEDOG1232 Vice President


Prime Minister


Name Year Director Type Status
Premonition 2014 CosimoValuta Short Released
Avenge (Reboot) 2014 CosimoValuta Short Released
The Great Darkness 2014 CosimoValuta Film Released
Assortments 2014 CosimoValuta Film Released
The Discrepancy 2015 CosimoValuta Film Released
Innovation 2015 Littlegreen1 Short Released
The Innovation 2016 DonValuta Film In-Production


Name Year Company Notes Type
The Great Darkness 2014 RobloxDC Studios Co-Production Film
Spirit of The Season: The Zilex1000 Holiday Film 2014 Zilex1000 Productions Co-Production Short
A Night For Murder 2016 Co-Production Film

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