Join Date November 22, 2009
Years Active 2013 - Present
Nationality Unknown
Company Affiliation(s) Throwback Studios, RobloxMarvel Studios
Notable Films Deadpool, Western Infection, The Knight

Naruto12345677 is an ROBLOX actor who worked for Throwback Studios and RobloxMarvel Studios.


Naruto12345677 first started off as a fan of Throwback Studios, when MisterThrowback, Agentmeap and HotShawnMichaels were playing a Pokemon game Naruto finally met MisterThrowback as the owner of Throwback Studios and met Agentmeap as an actor for Mind Over Matter and so Naruto joined Throwback Studios and later RobloxMarvel Studios, making his first film as Wolverine in Deadpool.

Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
The Legend of Tenjo 2013 LegendarySuperhero98 King J. Series Cancelled
MisterMeap's End 2013 MisterThrowback and Agentmeap News Man Film Cancelled
Deadpool 2013 MisterThrowback Wolverine Film Released
The Heist 2013 CosimoValuta Extra Film Released
The Sensational Spider-Man (S1:E1) 2013 Haloweenfan26 Harry Osborn Series Released
Western Infection 2013 MisterThrowback Walker Film Lost
The Knight 2013 MisterThrowback Police Officer Film Cancelled
Hot Rod 2014 Iammister Manager Film Cancelled
Iron Man 2014 Iammister Abu Bakaar Film Cancelled
The Fantastic Four 2014 Coollegodude1 Reed Richards Film Cancelled

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