Nancy's Memories (2014)
Cover Art
Release Date January 8, 2014
Director Zilex1000
Film Company Zilex1000 Productions
Running Time 2:38
Main Actors Zilex1000, Superpenguin55
Genre Psychological
Movie Rating Rank EC
Nancy's Memories is a short created by Zilex1000. It was released on January 8, 2014, by Zilex1000 Productions, as a follow up to his film Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace. It was written by Zilex and TrueHonesty. 

It was shot over the course of 4 days.


After her lifelong best friend Margo McGrath is brutally murdered, Nancy Thompson is plagued with overwhelming guilt and plummenting self esteem. Blaming herself for not being able to save Margo, she finds her peace in praying for forgiveness. However, with the help of Luis, Nancy is able to realize that the expectations for herself are unrealistic, and the only person that needs to forgive her is herself.


The concept for Nancy's Memories arose when questions regarding future films from Zilex1000 Productions arose. Due to Zilex's idea of continuations regarding his female leads, he came to the conclusion that in order for the sequel to Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace to work, he would have to develop Nancy on her own. While initially intended to be a subplot in the sequel, it was decided that a short preceding the film would be a better option. Principal filming began on January 4th and concluding January 8th.


The short recieved mixed reception.



It may be biased because I love Shattered Silence so much, but it was a damn good short. One of the best I've seen. It's not very often that I will give out such a high rating. So it should tell you how good I thought this short was. Nancy's Memories walks away with a 9.425/10. AlmightyNoob

When you have to write an entire short aimed at developing a character, you know your movie sucks.

Wow, is this short ugly. Every shot in the first 30 seconds is a push-in! And notice how I said every shot? It's because there's a good 15 of them in that short time-span. How disorienting. Granted, it is 2014, so cinematography falls on the backburner for now. For it's time it's decent.

The music fit, which was nice. The sets were nice as well. But the symbolism -- is shoving a cross in my face symbolism? I know what a cross is. I don't have to think about that at all. Want to symbolize Jesus? Reference a lamb. Use the phrase "Son of Man". Reference a shepherd. Anything but a cross, dude!

And the moon symbolism at the end; symbolism is great, but if you're just going to say "she is dead" with your symbolism, it doesn't need to be there. It almost feels like Zilex filmed a shot of the moon then added a symbolic meaning later. For those who don't know; the moon symbolize Purgatory in a way; it's a meeting place for spirits. Except in Christianity it's not, it's just the moon. The gates of Heaven is where your soul goes after you die, not the moon.

Now, the writing. The purpose of this short. Developing Nancy; Nancy's Memories does a pretty awful job of developing her. It's essentially "Feel sorry for Nancy!" at max volume. Her friend died. Great. Why do I care, again? There's no reason to! Also, "writing" is generous. It's basically a compilation of shots of Nancy being sad, which is why there's no character development.

Character development is not simply showing emotions. Character development is not just being sad, or praying, or anything. I want to know what motivates Nancy. I want to know how Nancy copes; everybody cries, why is Nancy different? I want to see her progress and overcome this nagging obstacle, this demon, the skeletons in her closet -- I want to know the skeletons in her closet.

I don't want to see her crying and then have someone else tell her to forgive herself. That's not character development. That's just terrible. When your movie is essentially a chapter from Twilight, you need to rework it. I'm here to meet Nancy. I should be able to talk to her like I knew her. Watching her cry and remember for 2 minutes is not going to do that!

All in all, I give this short a strong 4. Just below average. Nohing more. The biggest flaw Nancy's memories has is that it's boring. It doesn't even serve it's purpose.




Name Character
Superpenguin55 Nancy Thompson

Luis Clark


  • The clock in the church sequence is not in sync with the amount of time that would have passed between shots. Zilex justified this, stating that the slow clock is to reference the slowness associated with getting through guilt and living in the past.
  • This is the first official short from Zilex1000 Productions since December, 2012.


2014 Blox Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Short Zilex1000 Nominated
Best Screenplay Zilex1000 Nominated
The Golden Noob Awards (2014)
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Dramatic Short Zilex1000 Nominated (TBD)

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