Moon Wars
Moon Wars poster remasted
The official remasted poster.
Release Date June 14, 2010
Director TheFallen123
Film Company Stopmotion101 Studios
Running Time 11:45
Main Actors TheFallen123, Lulzman11, TheFallen124
Genre Action/Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank EC

Moon Wars is a two-part 2010 American action sci-fi film produced and directed by TheFallen123.


Four astronauts venture to the moon to investigate an anomaly.


Reception was generally positive.


This film had five sequels, Moon Wars: Revenge of the Zombie King, Moon Wars: The Evolved, Moon Wars: Return of the Zombie Prince, Moon Wars: Zombie Planet, and Moon Wars: The Future Soldier.



☠ ROBLOX - Moon Wars Part 1 ☠03:24

☠ ROBLOX - Moon Wars Part 1 ☠

☠ ROBLOX- Moon Wars Part 2 ☠08:21

☠ ROBLOX- Moon Wars Part 2 ☠

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