Mixed Egg
Mixed egg poster
Director CosinKiller555
Main Actors See Cast
Series Run TBA
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 7 (19 segments)
Genre Action/Adventure
Movie Rating Rank EC

Mixed Egg is an upcoming series that is created by CosinKiller555 and KLBOT86. It was originally scheduled to premiere on March 12, 2015, with a preview episode on February 28, but was delayed due to a lack of updates or productivity.

The show was later shelved from production due to a lack of interest. It is promised that, no matter how long it takes, the show will enter production sometime and will not go to waste.


Mixed Egg follows brothers Mixed Egg 2012 and Mixed Egg 2013, both named by their year, who are the sons of the king and queen of Eggia, the supercontinent they both live on. 2012 and 2013 run a business called the Mixed Egg Minigames, in which is made for the younger mixed eggs to play around in many different games. Things never seem to go as they plan, however, and these two get in a lot of mishaps around Yolkz, their hometown.


Mixed Egg originated back in 2012 on the ROBLOX game Sandbox as Mixed Egg Minigames. Characters were later created and multiple Minigames builds were made. In 2013, a short series called Mixed Egghead was planned but never made the cut. The current series was greenlighted by KLBOT86 to be produced by STATIC Studios on September 28, 2014. The first season was picked up for a total of 18 7-minute long shorts and 1 20-minute special. 3 7-minute episodes are paired together to make a full 21-minute episode, so the first season is picked up for 7 full episodes.

The series went into production in November 2014. No one has been cast yet except for UntimelyRyan himself.


Visual Voice Character
TBA TBA Mixed Egg 2012
TBA UntimelyRyan Mixed Egg 2013
TBA TBA Mixed Egg 2014
Visual Voice Character
TBA TBA Torch Egg
TBA TBA Wrapper Egg
TBA TBA Moon Egg
TBA TBA Tripper Egg
TBA TBA Outrageous Egg
TBA TBA Beauty Dirty Egg
TBA TBA Scrambled Bunny Egg
Visual Voice Character
TBA TBA Bulk Egg
TBA TBA Skate Egg
TBA TBA Bob the Builderegg


Preview (2015)

Title Description
Long Story Short Mixed Egg 2012 gives Mixed Egg 2013 a lesson about how to work his amulet so he can stop an incoming flood.

Season 1 (2015)

The first season was picked up for 7 full episodes, made up of 18 7-minute segments and 1 20-minute segment.

Title Description
The Hardest Minigame Ever Mixed Egg 2012 comes up with an idea for an awesome minigame, which proves difficult and leads to the injuries of many other eggs.


  • "Long Story Short" was originally going to be a standalone short for the BLOXYs way before the series was picked up.

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