MisterMeap (Series)
Director MisterMeap
Main Actors MisterMeap & Legendarysuperhero98
Series Run April 2, 2013-TBA
Seasons 2
No. of Shows 2
Genre Comedy
Movie Rating Rank

MisterMeap is a new comedy series from Roblox Adventure Productions and Throwback Studios.

Series Synopsis

MisterMeap acting in front of a live set filming a Roblox sketch comedy series as themselves with other actors in the role of various characters.

Production History

The series was planned after Western Infection. When episode 3 finished filming, MisterMeap was renewed for a second season, and planning for a 3rd season, but not yet announced.

Series Premire

  • Episode #1
  • Release Date: April 2, 2013
  • Plot: A series of Comedic Sketches: Guest Apocalypse, Unicorn Man, and Justin Beaver.

After Western Infection, MisterThrowBack came up with the idea of MisterMeap along with Agentmeap. The creator of the Unicorn Man sketch is Trolldude19 (Abcshutup123).

Season 1

  • Episode 1: April 2, 2013
  • Episode 2: December 22, 2013
  • Episode 3: To be Announced
  • Episode 4: To be Announced
  • MisterMeap's End: To be Announced

Cast List

Actor Role
Agentmeap Meap
MisterThrowback Mister
HotShawnMichaels Various characters
RealisticBubble Various characters
Hoperose1999 Various characters
BenIsLegit Various characters
Zyphra Various characters
LegendarySuperhero98 Various characters
Abcshutup123 Various characters
Popsfootloose949 Stage Manager

Series Finale

It was announced that the Episode MisterMeap's End would be the finale to the series. However, it was then made into a full-feature movie with MisterThrowback and Agentmeap directing, it was later announced that Mistermeap will be having a season 2.


  • Instead of Mistermeap being the first movie/series in the Mistermeap universe, Lost Christmas was.


The 2013 BLOX Awards

Awards Awarded to...
Best Series MisterThrowback and Agentmeap ("MisterMeap") (tied with Zilex1000)

The 2013 Golden Noob Awards

Awards Awarded to... Results
Best Comedic Series MisterThrowback and Agentmeap ("MisterMeap") Won


MisterMeap Episode One07:38

MisterMeap Episode One

Episode 1

MisterMeap Episode 206:38

MisterMeap Episode 2

Episode 2

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