Misfits is an upcoming 2017 superhero drama film being directed, produced, and written by Jackiepwners.


After the events of Unstoppables 2, Canada is now a crime-ridden country after the effects of corrupt cops and government. Mitch and his widowed mother struggle with financial problems and are forced to move into Ontario. When protests and muggings occur rampantly, Johnny returns to prevent a mutation within Mitch, as predicted by Gwen's powers.


The script for Misfits was being written after the release of Unstoppables 2, and was finished in July 2017.

It is expected to be released around Fall or Winter 2017.




Actor Role
Zuyikuu Mitch
Didikong23 William
MagicMaker555 Gwenneth
Bobbypwners Prime Minister Harold Stevenson
WhatLolz Johnny
N/A Billy
N/A Gwen
Gamemaster387 Unnamed Cameo


  • This will be the 3rd installment in the Unstoppables film series
  • The film is the 8th installment in the UCU, with Squad 41 being the 7th.
  • Jackie has considered Misfits to be the most complicated and difficult story to make, based on its concepts.



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