Template:FilmInfoMike Hike VII: Darkness Rises is a 2013 action film directed by ThecapcomFreak. The film is the seventh in the Mike Hike series, but not canonical with the Rescind universe. 


Mike Hike and his friends are shocked to discover that his former enemies have come from the dead, seeking revenge. Mike's life is thrown into hate, anger, and old memories.






Actor Role
ThecapcomFreak Mike Hike
Playsportsergent Clay Hay
Combatrockstar Jon Hon
Popsfootloose949 Garret
CosimoValuta Zillga and Satan
Coollegodude1 Gail
Zilex1000 Ekim

Awards and Nominations

The 2013 Golden Noob Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Playsportsergeant Nominated

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