Release Date Cancelled
Director routess, Brisingric
Film Company Route 66 Productions, Altitude
Running Time None
Main Actors Brisingric, routess, Superpenguin55, BenIsLegit
Genre Drama
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Michael is a biopic Film directed by both Routess and Brisingric, written by Routess, Brisingric and AlmightyNoob, and released under both their companies, Route 66 Productions and Altitude.

Starring Routess, Superpenguin55 and AlmightyNoob, the film would have followed the true story of routess/Michael's life as he deals with child abuse and intense bullying throughout several years of his life.


Michael Richards is a kid who has gone through troubling times in his life. From the shooting of one of his dad's friends by his dad in the flesh, to being left in a recess playground being unable to move, Michael also has had to deal with the deaths of two of his best friends.


Official production for the film began in the early hours of November 30, 2013 when Routess, Brisingric and AlmightyNoob gathered in a Google Drive document to discuss film ideas. While bouncing around ideas, Routess began to tell his life story and they began to turn it into a script. Sets began to be built on December 2nd, and so far, most sets have been made for the 'shooting' neighborhood, Michael's childhood home and Michael's school.

Filming started on December 8th when they filmed a pivotal scene in the film at the set of the shooting neighborhood. Filming continued throughout the month where they filmed many scenes at the set of Michael's childhood home.

Unfortunately, on Christmas Day, Olympus' family got rid of his old computer because he was getting a new one later that day. This means that Olympus will have to re-film and re-edit what he had of Michael so far. It will not delay production, and Olympus has already re-filmed every scene he had filmed before on Christmas Day and on December 27th.

On December 30th, Routess withdrew from the project and said that he wanted it cancelled. After some negoiation, Olympus agreed and the film is now cancelled.




Actor Role
Superpenguin55 Michael Richards
BenIsLegit Tony
Routess Paula Richards, Rui Richards
AlmightyNoob Rui Richards
Brisingric Police Officer


  • The entire film is based on the true story of Routess's life, with some minor differences.
  • The film's premiere was planned to take place at 7pm on January 17, 2014.
  • On Christmas Day, Olympus lost the footage and progress he had made on Michael because he got a new computer, and his old computer was thrown away by his family.

Main Characters

Name Basic Description
Michael Richards The main focus of the film. He suffers through depression, bullying and many other things through the course of the film.
Paula Richards Michael's mother and a main character of the film. She helps him through some of his problems during the film.
Rui Richards Michael's father who comes back after four years when Michael is seven. He is one of the main antagonists of the film. Rui is abusive and a heavy drinker.
Jason Therman A friend of Michael's and another main character of the film. He is bullied as well as Michael towards the end of the film.
David Another main antagonist of the film, David constantly bullies Michael throughout the course of the film and also bullies Jason.
Thomas One of David's friends who also bullies Michael and Jason.
Justin Another one of David's friends who bullies Michael and Jason.
Jenny A good friend of Michael's who has anorexia and has also cut her wrists and thought about committing suicide, like Jason.

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