Meetings at Arrestare
Meetings at Arrestare
The "for you consideration" poster for the short.
Release Date January 15, 2012
Creator Thunder162
YouTube Channel ArrestareFilms
Main Actors Thunder162, Moltak118, Tompengu
Genre Comedy
Movie Rating Rank E

Meetings at Arrestare is a short film directed by Tompengu and written by Thunder162. 


Arrestare Films actors Thunder and Moltak look for Koprio's office, only to discover his office has been replaced with a "comedy hallway", which causes anyone who walks in one door to be teleported to a door across the hall.


The idea spawned from Thunder162 during a meeting of future productions after the completion of Alien in 51. Thunder162 came up with the idea, and with the help of Tompengu, quickly wrote a script. Filming the short began in January 2012. The shoot took place over the course of an hour, and starred Thunder, Moltak118, Tompengu, and Koprio.


The film was released January 2012 to generally positive reviews. The film won the Best Short at the ROBLOX Film Awards and was nominated for two BLOX Awards, for Best Screenplay and Best Storyline, which it both lost to fellow Arrestare/Legacy production Alien in 51.


  • Moltak118 as Himself
  • Thunder162 as Himself
  • Koprio as Himself
  • Tompengu as Himself
  • Daisey889 (Production Staff)
  • ImTheCop (Production Staff)


  • Daisy889 and ImTheCop were credited for contibuting to the bloopers in the film and for helping out on set.


The 2012 ROBLOX Film Awards

  • Best ROBLOX Short (Thunder162) (Win)

The 2013 BLOX Awards

  • Best Storyline (Thunder162) (Nomination)
  • Best Screenplay (Thunder162) (Nomination)

Video Link

Meetings at Arrestare05:10

Meetings at Arrestare

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