00 Me
Join Date January 11, 2014
Years Active 2014-2015
Nationality USA American
Company Affiliation(s) Stopmotion101 Studios

Neo-Avant Institution

Notable Films The Dark Knight: Knightfall (All Parts)

Blind Justice

Mathlete97, (formerly PaTcHiZzEl7397) is an actor and a voice actor working for multiple companies, such as Stopmotion101 Studios. He is also the owner of the YouTube channel "PaTcHiZzEl7397", which is famous for its "Let's Play Roblox" series.


Mathlete97 joined ROBLOX in 2009, and has been active in the community ever since. In January of 2011, he created his first ROBLOX video on YouTube under the channel name PaTcHiZzEl7397. Mathlete97 has since created a long series of "Let's Play" style videos, continuing into the present.

Mathlete97 was introduced to ROBLOXiwood early 2014, when he joined Stopmotion101 Studios after hearing good things from friend and partner, Baboom12 (now known as OpiterLuciusAgrippa). He then got closely involved with the production of The Dark Knight: Knightfall. Originally auditioning to become a voice actor for the film, Mathlete97 continued acting throughout the three films. He continues to work with Stopmotion101 Studios as an actor.

In early 2015, Mathlete97 joined the Neo-Avant Institution founded by CosimoValuta and worked as an actor until the company was shut down.

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
The Dark Knight: Knightfall 2014 TheFallen123 Harry, Sarah Parker, Extra, Various Film Released
The Discrepancy 2015 CosimoValuta Extra Film Released
Blind Justice 2015 TheFallen123 Clarity Rose, Extra Film Released

Voice Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Role Type Status
The Dark Knight: Knightfall (VA-ed version) 2014 TheFallen123 Harry, Sarah Parker, Cosmologist Film Cancelled

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