Lost Christmas
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Release Date February 1, 2013
Director MisterThrowback
Film Company Throwback Studios
Running Time 6:30
Main Actors Agentmeap, Bulldogsrule212
Genre Adventure, Drama, Holiday
Movie Rating Rank EC
Lost Christmas is a film written and directed by MisterThrowback. The film was released on on February 1, 2013, with filming for the revised version began on January 10, 2013. 


Lost Christmas takes place in the late 90s, where a bored child loses his father in the state of St. Paul. A Christmas Angel shows the boy back to his father, and once the child find his father, they both have a Happy New Year.


It was originaly supposed to be uploaded in late December 2012, but after technical difficulties, MisterThrowback had to re-film the scenes.


Actor Role
Agentmeap Joey
Bulldogsrule212 Danny
MisterThrowback Eddie
RealisticBubble Christmas Angel
Abcshutup123 Cashier
HotShawnMichaels Citizen #1
SilverCrow24 Citizen #2
XxElementalKingxX Citizen #3


Lost Christmas-106:34

Lost Christmas-1

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