Life Support
Life support poster completed
Poster made by BenIsLegit.
Release Date September 24, 2015
Director Supergoko98
Film Company N/A
Running Time 9:08
Main Actors N/A
Genre Drama
Movie Rating Rank UC

Life Suport is a short film, written and directed by Supergoko98.


A woman with cancer embraces her final moments of life.


Production for Life Support started on September 20, 2015. The script was finished on September 23, 2015 and filmed on September 24, 2015.


The short was mostly criticized for it's editing errors and long length, but set itself apart from other simpler shorts.



Decent short, if you have the tolerance to ignore the editing issues (which I can). Nice writing with some fun humor, despite the slightly corny/confusing ending. Clever lighting really sets out the mood and theme of the piece, and sets it apart from a few other simpler shorts. Batman says good effort. 6.5/10. BATMAN21005
The most interesting part was at the end of the short, but the rest of it is very dull dialogue and pacing. Also, tons of editing errors from mouse-cursors to the Cutscene Editor being visible, it seemed kind of sloppy. Otherwise the cinematography was acceptable and the soundtrack was effective, as well as the set design. 5/10 DonValuta
There were some technical errors but for the most part the short was pretty good, the story was pretty cliche and the writing itself was kinda boring. Overall it was a pretty boring short and had like nothing to do with horror, 5.7/10 Coollegodude1
I see great potential about to unfold. Keep up the great work. 6/10 LordCrossfire82



  • The short was filmed and edited in one day.


Life Support ROBLOX SHORT09:09


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