Legacy of Power
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Director Backstopace122
Main Actors RibgyTheRacoon,Imthebestalt,Dare102102
Series Run 2016 -
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 4
Genre Superhero, Teen, Adventure,Comedy
Movie Rating Rank EC

Legacy of Power is a 2016 action series created by Backstopace122.


A new villain has emerged that threatens the safety of Earth; a now older generation of power rangers attempt to take on this new threat, but are picked off one by one. Earth's heroes are seemingly eliminated, however, amazingly the spirits and powers of the fallen rangers have attached themselves to new humans! Giving them the ability to morph and fight evil. But will they be able to stop evil once and for all?


Backstopace122 had the idea of redoing Power Rangers Super Megaforce in the fall of 2014, but didn't know how to do so. The project was brought to life the following year and episode one was released in 2016. The series is directed, written, and produced by Backstopace122 and associate produced by Imthebestalt.


Reception of Legacy of Power has been mostly positive.

" Needless to say it has the same problems with the other episodes. I'd highly recommend you using a camera tool so the viewers wouldn't see the cursor. Looking past that, the story is good by Power Rangers Standards. The Intro takes me back to 2006 when Mystic Force first aired. I was yelling at my computer screen for Carson to fight back like I did with the previous red rangers during my childhood.The scenes were a bit choppy, you should experiment with the footage you have and see what looks the best. Other than that I give Legacy of Power Episode 4 a 7/10." Dare102102 on Episode 4 "Out of the Shadows"

"Okay so this isn't to bad to be completely honest. Although I would highly recommend that you use the Cutscene Editor to sharpen your cinematic shots. 5.5/10"- Kvng_North on Episode 4 "Out of the Shadows"


Actor Role
Main Cast
RibgyTheRacoon Caleb/Mighty Morphing Green Ranger
Dare102102 Carter "Carson" Grayson Jr./Lightspeed Red Ranger
Backstopace122 Max/Samurai Yellow
Actor Role
Major Cast
KayleeRL33 Sarah/Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger
Imthebestalt Robert/Black Space Ranger


Season 1

Episode Title Release
1 The Beginning Part 1 May 9, 2016
2 The Beginning Part 2 June 15, 2016
3 Go Green September 25, 2016
4 Out of The Shadows July 6, 2017


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