KrisBush15: Action Cop (2011/2013)
The logo from the opening of the film.
Release Date Late 2011; March 31, 2013
Director KrisBush15
Film Company WRS Corporation, ZZR Studios and The Mafia Films
Running Time 7 mins.
Main Actors KrisBush15, Instead243, AngalenaLove and RuthlessWarbeast
Genre Action/Adventure
Movie Rating Rank EC

KrisBush15: Action Cop is a 2011 film written and directed by KrisBush15.  Starring its director KrisBush15, Instead243 and AngalenaLove, the film follows Kris Bush as he takes a vacation with his wife, and becomes involved in a plot with Instead.

Following the KrisBush15: Action Cop series, the film was originally released in late 2011, but was re-released on March 31, 2013.


While at the police station, Kris' phone rings and it's Angalena (AngalenaLove) asking Kris if he's coming, and Kris says that he is, getting into his car. Kris goes to the airport and goes to the plane, not before thinking that if he goes, he may never come back.

With Kris gone, Nemeisis comes into the station and frees Instead again, saying that they have a plane to catch. They steal a police car, and head to the airport as they get into the plane. Flying, they reach their destination which happens to be where Kris is, possibly getting ready to go on vacation.

Instead and Kris banter until Instead says that it's time for Kris to meet his maker. Kris suddenly gets a gun and begins shooting at the duo until Kris loses the gun to Nemeisis. With them both having guns, they shoot at Kris and he is supposedly killed.

Ruth suddenly appears, appearing to have seen the entire confrontation and comes, screaming at Instead that he killed Kris and that he was a murdering a bastard. Nemeisis plays the 'innocent' card and pretends as if he doesn't know what Ruth is talking about, with Ruth yelling that he does know about what he's talking about and that Instead must pay for what he did. Ruth pulls out a bomb, running away as Nemeisis is apparently blown up.

Back in Robloxia at the hospital, Angalena has apparently given birth to a baby boy who she names Gary, which Kris always wanted to name his son and she never remarried. Sometime later, at Kris' grave, a man named Don who's the mayor makes a memorial for Kris and says that they will all miss Kris - the Action Cop. Ruth is concerned for Angalena, who hopes she's taking it well.

Angalena goes to Kris' grave after all the people have gone away, and tells him that she will always love him and that she will miss him. Fireworks are sent into the sky as the film ends.



KrisBush15 Action Cop ; The Movie07:15

KrisBush15 Action Cop ; The Movie

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