KFC Adventures
Release Date 2014
Creator Faave and Routess
YouTube Channel ROBLOXFave
Main Actors Faave, Routess, LightningGirl107
Genre Comedy
Movie Rating Rank M

KFC Adventures is a series directed by Faave and Routess. It is distributed by Fave Studios. The series began on May 28, 2014.


Fave and Mike are on an adventure to find a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant. They encounter obstacles along the way, causing a lot of procrastination to overcome to find and complete their adventure. They then spot a Golden KFC and instead go to an adultery club, then see that a Cargobob takes the Golden KFC leading up to Part III, Return of the Golden KFC.


Actor Role
Faave Fave (All Parts)
Routess Mike (All Parts)
Swager21 Elephant (Part I)


Aly (Parts I and II), Alysus (Part III)


Luke (Parts II and III)

Tntad Angry Fan (Parts I and III)
Unchanging Angry Fan (Part II)

Epic Announcer Guy (Parts II and III)

Saiier Himself (Part III)


Part I: KFC Adventures

Production started on May 22, 2014 when the script began and finished writing stages. On May 23, 2014 more scenes were filmed and edited into the video. Fave also uploaded the KFC Adventures introduction to his second channel. On May 25, 2014 more of filming and editing was completed and the video is three minutes in. On May 28, 2014 KFC Adventures was released to the public with positive response.

Part II: Golden KFC

Production for Golden KFC started in June 2014 with writing, voice acting, and ROBLOX acting all being done then. The video was released on July 17th, 2014 1 day early with positive response as well.

Part III: Return of the Golden KFC

Production for Return of the Golden KFC began immediately after Golden KFC was released, with the entire video being written by the beginning of August 2014, and all voice acting being done in Late August/Early September 2014, filming took place during September 2014 and the video came out on September 7, 2014, to mostly positive reviews.


KFC Adventures - A ROBLOX Machinima04:13

KFC Adventures - A ROBLOX Machinima

GOLDEN KFC - A ROBLOX Machinima05:01


The sequel to KFC Adventures

Return of the Golden KFC - A ROBLOX Machinima-208:49

Return of the Golden KFC - A ROBLOX Machinima-2


  • KFC Adventures is an inside joke combined by two previous videos from Fave Studios.
  • Parts III and IV of KFC Adventures are Star Wars references with "Return of the Golden KFC" and "The KFC Menace" respectively.

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